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"I just don't have time to waste on programs that don't work..."

"I never thought I could do it, but I lost 60 pounds of fat, and I’ve got more energy now than I had when I was in my 20’s..."

---Steve Bishop
Prescott, AZ

"Having access to experts like Christopher is a vital part of my success"

"What you learn in just one meeting with Christopher could literally change your life forever."

New York City

"This is the best thing I have ever done for myself"

When my gyno told me I had bone loss & I had to go on hormones I gained 12 pounds. I tried and tried to lose weight. Finally, last year, my Pilates instructor gave me an article from a magazine about the Maximize Your Metabolism program. I knew my metabolism was slow and didn't know how to speed it up. I bought the book, tried it, and voila it worked great. I bought a copy for my sister and she said "this is the best thing I have ever done for myself". I go on it from time to time to manage my weight. It is the greatest plan I have ever seen!!


Dr. Edward Young


Andrew Reger



"I immediately noticed results! My energy level increased and my clothes got much looser, and I feel great! I had lost a total of 45 pounds before I started on your program, but I was stuck and had been for several months. Now I lost my final 22 pounds and it's not coming back!"

— Ann O'Reily, Administrative Assistant, age 36

"I know you probably hear people say that they've 'tried all the diets out there' all the time, so I won't say that, but I have read lot of books on the subject of dieting, weight loss, and fitness, and I must tell you that you're book seems to cover more ground in far less time than any book I've come across since. I got great results and never once felt like I was being lied to or scammed - in fact I felt more like you were giving me a personal seminar in the privacy of my own home. I sincerely look forward to your next book."

— Timothy Schueler, Advertising Manager, age 38
"I was weary about buying another diet book... but after I saw the progress my friends were getting I had to see what it was all about. What I found was that this isn't just another fad book, it's actually a dream come true for me."

— Trisha Barns, age 34

"I've Read Hundreds Of Diet And Fitness Books,
But This One Blew Me AWAY!"

"Even after briefly flipping through it, I was intrigued. After devouring the entire thing from cover to cover, frankly, I was BLOWN AWAY! I've read hundreds of diet and fitness books, but this was the first time I'd ever seen a program that shows you how to lose weight at a faster rate than usual, while doing it in a way that's safe, all natural and beneficial to your health.*"

Photo of Dr Brent Copp

-- Mark Parr, fitness trainer, New York, USA

"I can't tell you how wonderful I feel now! I just feel full of energy and have zero cravings!  I feel like a model!"

— Theresa Kelly, Police Officer, age 46
"If I could choose just one chapter from the book that really helped me it would have to be chapter 13, Cutting Years off of Your Efforts. For some reason, that chapter seemed to strike a special cord for me and after reading it... I reached my goal faster than I could have ever imagined."

— Robert Rodrigues, Photographer, age 42
"I would have NEVER guessed that such minor changes in what I was already doing would have such a big impact on my results. Weight that I had been trying to get off for years, simply melted away in a few short weeks..."

— Sandra Cantoro, computer engineer, age 28
"I don't have to diet anymore!  It's an amazing feeling. I feel free!"

— Diedra Andersen, age 23
"I look and feel better than I did 10 years ago. Thanks for changing my life!"*

— Charles Walt Rhodes, Editor, age 62
"... Big Boned? Not any more. What an eye opener your chapter on how to use your emotions to control your metabolism was for me. That was my missing link to success in the past. Thanks again."

— Shelly Thompson, age 57
"All I can say is Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I felt like you were right there with me, reading to me, and holding my hand while I was working through the process. You're the best!"

— Debbie Parella, age 21

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"I am very much satisfied with my results, in fact they're amazing. My weight loss is noticeable, even surprising, and my energy level increases almost daily."

— Michael Graf, age 35
"No other book actually made me feel like they cared about the readers like yours does. You have a special way of writing that conveys sincerity. That, in itself, made me follow through, at the point where I normally stopped other programs. I'm successful, and I owe it all to your book. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

— Christine Britton, Business Consultant, age 27

"I had to write you and say Thanks, your book changed my life, my career, and my attitude towards myself and others. It wasn't just a system that help me lose weight, but it made me more confident — which helped me get a promotion at work, get rid of my demanding boyfriend, and take a long put-off vacation — all while losing weight, increasing my energy, and looking better than when I was in school."

— Amanda Kaplan, age 25
"I went from a size 16 down to a size 4 and have been that size ever since!  Maximize Your Metabolism has helped me to improve the quality of my life. It gave me self-confidence, and the energy I need to keep up with my children!"

— Latisha Jones, Real Estate Professional, age 43
"I lost 15 pounds in one month. I tried some other weight loss books, pills, and shakes, and they all made me crazy. What I like about the Maximize Your Metabolism system is that it makes me feel good, energized, and I'm losing pounds fast... It's great!"

— Jen Arguello, Bank Manager, age 32

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“If you’re looking for a no-nonsense, state-of-the-art approach to weight loss and fitness, then get a copy of Christopher Guerriero’s book, Maximize Your Metabolism. This is a book that separates fact from fiction and covers every important lifestyle, physiological, and psychological issue in depth—and in a way that will get you more motivated than you have ever been. If you follow Christopher’s program, you will succeed and develop the healthy, attractive body that you want.”

—Lloyd Glauberman, Ph.D.

“I lost 54 pounds in six weeks! People give me compliments everywhere I go. The techniques in this book just work, plain and simple.”

—Marilyn Gersham
mother of three

“I’ve read them all, but none of them has actually offered me the amount of knowledge and the motivation that Maximize Your Metabolism does. My shelves are lined with nutrition and fitness books, but this book is the only one I actually keep on my desk and refer to regularly.”

—Cynthia Bergman
personal trainer for 13 years

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Buy Maximize Your Metabolism Now


  • 36 years old
  • Lost 30 pounds in 28 days!
  • Full time mom
  • Lives the program every day



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  • Just turned 40
  • Down 3 dress sizes in 30 days!
  • Lost 25 pounds in 30 days!
  • Has kept it off and it's been over a year so far!!
  • Loves everything about the program!!!


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  • 45 years old

  • Lost 16 pounds in less than 30 days

I am now in the 120's....Wow Chris I have gone from 145lbs to 129 in a very short time.  I do everything that you recommend and am seeing results instantly.  I just today started the biking as your phone call last night (30seconds hard, more tension, etc, etc then back off and rest, etc, etc) "Oh My" what a change from  biking solid for 30-90 minutes.  I know I will start seeing results from that soon too.  You are Awesome and I am looking forward to the future with my new body.

It has been a pleasure to be on this program and to see such fast results both in weight and my energy level. Once a person makes up their mind to make a change, they will, no matter what program they are in or doing.  But Chris's program is "Awesome". This program is so set apart from the others and has been organized in such a manner that anyone wanting to make a change can do it with great success.  If they follow the steps and the system, the system will work for them.  I love it and have not stopped talking about the program since I started.  Once again, it has been a blessing and a pleasure being involved with all of you.  You are all Super!!!

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  • Less than 38 years old

  • Dropped from 150lbs and a size 13...to 135 and a size 10 in 5 weeks!

  • After researching and trying out other programs for years - she finally got the healthy lift and strong tight body using Maximize Your Metabolism.

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Thanks for all your help. I've lost 40 lbs and have never felt better. I am working out and gaining muscle. Your newsletter has a ton of useful stuff and keeps me on track. I'm 43 and feel like I'm 23. Thanks again.
Chris Longtine

I started your Maximize Your Metabolism program on October 18 after being stalled with my weight reduction.  In just 32 days I lost 33.5 pounds and 6 inches off my waist!!!  This I add to my total weight loss of 143 pounds.  Thanks for the help, I am looking forward to losing the last 35 pounds using your excellent program.
Best regards,
Bob Pelletier, NC

I have been into coaching for most of the past 8 years. Today, I talked to the best I have seen. With a few questions, Chris was able to analyze my exercise and nutrition efforts and tell me very succinctly what I should do to meet my 3 definitive goals. I could not have been more pleased. 
William H. Johnson

Follow-up testimony. I spent 60 minutes 1-on-1 with Christopher last Monday, 8/8/05. When I weighed myself yesterday, 8/14/05, I found I had lost 4 lbs in a week. I probably only followed 60% of what Chris & I had discussed. 
William H. Johnson

Christopher, Thanks al lot. I've started to work on my metabolism just 4 weeks ago. Lost 16 pounds so far and it's so easy. Another 10 pounds to go, I'm sure I will reach my target thanks to you.

Christopher has an amazing ability to sort through the nonsense and give you cutting edge technology to achieve your physical goals. His extensive research and broad experience empowers him to take you the next level while saving years of trial and error. I learned a tremendous amount and have already seen the immediate results of my personalized plan. Christopher Guerriero is the real deal. 
Gabe P.

Dear Christopher, Just to let you know that I am really pleased with your diet. I am 46 and am a mother of two children: 4 & 8 year-old, working full time. I have lost 7 kg in my first month. This is a very pleasing result for me, particularly as my metabolism has been slow for the last 10 years. I already like looking at myself in the mirror, something I did not experience for quite a few years, and am looking surprisingly slimmer than I am “supposed” at my present weight. It is so good to learn from you! I also love your inspirational "Insight of the day" messages. I know you have what it takes to get me back into shape. Many thanks to you and your team for such a fantastic work!
Elena Lee - UK

I was blown away by my consultation with Christopher today. He explained exactly what I was doing right, and specifically what I was doing wrong. He gave me alternatives, advise and guidelines as to how to meet my goals faster, more easily and healthfully. He met me where I was with no judgment and gave me his full and complete attention every minute. This is the most valuable session I have ever had with any coach. It was incredible. My new habits begin right now! Thanks, Christopher! 
Patti Woodson

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Even More Success Stories...

"Without hesitation I must say that this is the best program I've ever used and I've used them all! The mental training in this program is what really brought it home for me - it's what all the other programs left out. It's what made me successful for the first time"
Jennifer Zick, Atlanta GA

"I have to admit it was a bit of a rush working with someone who I consider famous, but he's really just like you and I, except he knows this health stuff inside and out. I've spent 2 hours over the past weeks talking with him, and I can't wait for my next meeting"
Charles Dunn, St. Thomas, USVI, USA

Donald Goldsmith, Ann Arbor, MI

"It was a pleasure. People here don't know yet about the importance of exercise. Christopher is helping me be the first. Thank you."
Pow Cheung, Wong Tai Sin, HONG KONG

"In our short time together so far, he's explained more to me than I could have learned had I spent years studying this subject. I already have all my questions written down for my next call with Chris."
Jenny Pierce, Pierre, SD USA

"Just a quick note to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you. Over the years I have spent thousands of dollars on books, diet pills, videos, and personal trainers without much luck. Your e-class was by far the best and most practical training I've ever been involved with. Your class, step by step taught me exactly how  to change negative thoughts I never knew I had, this alone made it worth at least 10 times what I paid. Thanks"
- Michael Payner Jr., Miami, FL

"No more diet pills for me. No more wasted money on gimmicks. This stuff really works"
- Angie Dordevic Auckland, New Zealand

"Christopher's coaching is simply the fastest and easiest way to literally transform your body into the body you've always wanted. He takes you by the hand and guides you step-by-step on exactly what to do and how to do it. The nice thing is, you can work at your own pace and he's there whenever you need help. I can't recommend it enough."
- Michelle Brant, New York, NY

"If your goal is to permanently lose weight - you've got to learn this stuff.  You'll be glad you did... I know I am!"
- Jennifer Jovich Gastonia, NC

"Thank you for helping my sister and I to reach our goal. Together we lost more than 44 US pounds"
- T Kim, Kyoungki, Korea

"From 142 to 120 pounds thin in only 38 days - you've been an inspiration to me"
- Sandra Marino Wildomar, Canada

"What did I get out of the program - not much, in fact I lost a lot - a lot of weight that is! My life has changed for the better, and it's never going to change back"
- Douglas Cooper Warwickshire, United Kingdom

"I was skeptical, I didn't want to spend the money, and I kept finding excuses not to do it, but something inside me made me join at the last minute. Now I look back and I'm scared at how close I actually came to missing out on learning from Christopher. He has been a mentor, a friend, and a guardian angel for me"
- Bernadette Bok Singapore, Singapore

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Results will vary. Weight loss may be temporary as exercise and proper diet are required to maintain long-term weight loss and muscle gain. The testimonials featured may have used more than one of Christopher's programs or extended the program to achieve their results.